Monday, 27 May 2013

Learning Outcome 6_Analyse and interpret challenging client briefs and produce relevant and original work in response.

This is some example work from the Assassins creed brief. I found this brief very challenging as my figure drawing and character design are the areas I need to improve on the most. Moreover my chosen area of design the Aztecs was a difficult era to match the brief.

And the final character design for the brief which I believe demonstrate an original take on the Assassins Creed character whilst still being somewhat recognisable to the brand.
For my feedback it was mentioned by the Art Director Jack Couvella that I had done possibly the best I can do with that era with the design choices I had made. But in future that if it starts to feel like its very hard to match the brand to the era then its probably best to change the era as you cant change the brand.

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