Monday, 27 May 2013

Learning Outcome 4_Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key issues relating to Concept Art practice.

The issues relating to concept art practice are the following:
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Effective communication between the client and the concept artist
  • correctly interpreting briefs
  • self analysis and improvement of work, as well as the ability to respond to client feedback.
  • delivering effective ie successfully answers the brief, and quality work ie its to a equal standard or exceed that of contemporary practitioners.
  • Keeping strict confidentiality of work of clients, sticking to NDAs (a non disclosure agreement), and gaining permissions before showcasing work commissioned.
  • Maintaining professional integrity for example not plagiarising others work, respecting intellectual property, keeping to NDAs, and keeping to contracts.
  • Keeping a social media presence and generally keep up with their promotion in order to say relevant.
  • And slightly related to that point keep an up to date portfolio in order to be able to present to potential clients. Especially when working in an industry where your work can go years before your allowed to release it.

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