Monday, 27 May 2013

Learning Outcome 1_Demonstrate a critical understanding of business aspects of working as a concept artist including copyright issues pricing, and the rights of an artist.

In the uk all artists own the rights to their own Intellectual properties automatically (Personal art, character designs, stories, etc), what this means is that unless you specifically give permission another party cannot use your work commercially or otherwise.

One of the ways you can insure that there is proof you own your I.P is to take the initial information document with all of the information pertaining to the I.P and mail it to yourself via registered post without opening it. This ensures you have proof of ownership for the future if any issues should ever arise. This information was confirmed by Microsoft Soho Art Director Lee Brown when he gave a lecture with us.
The cost of a junior concept artist differs widely Between companies, on average though it appears most companies in the uk offer anything between £16k and £18k a year for artists with less than a years experience. The majority of Concept art jobs also are on a per contract basis with anything from £120 - £150 a day. £150 is a common price for a junior concept artist for on a contract basis for the most part, its the amount I was paid whilst working for Warner Brothers entertainment on a short contract for my first job as well.

It should be noted that for the most part you have no choice in how much you get paid, especially when starting off as a freelance artist. Most of the time a client has a very specific amount they pay artists for work and then depending on your experience you can negotiate a bit around this prize.


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